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The advantage of LED Stage Lighting

If you've ever spent an evening at the theater, you know that it doesn't take exotic locations or overly intricate set construction to create absorbing and captivating stage ambiance. Instead, one of the most important ingredients for effective and multi-faceted stage production is, you guessed it, lighting.
And recently, LED lighting has moved to the forefront of stage production.

For instance, LEDs are replacing halogen bulbs in one of the most frequently used lights in theater production: the Par-64 Can stage light, and the new models are outperforming their conventional counterparts in virtually every way.
Par Can lights are best used on stage to create special effects, to highlight certain angles, illuminate the actors and create an overall color wash on stage. The traditional halogen versions of these lights use up to 1000 watts of energy per light. Each can contains one white halogen bulb and requires hard-to-change gels or filters to achieve color-washing effects. Therefore, each light can only emit one color for the duration of the show; one play or performance might require up to 20 different Par Can lights to accomplish the desired color effects for the entire production. To make matters worse, these halogen lights radiate a lot of heat, causing potential fire hazards, and require several 20-amp circuits to run.

One LED Par-64 Can light, however, can achieve an infinite number of color combinations (and easily switch between them), since the colors come not from filters or gels but from several individual one-watt LEDs within each can. This means that one LED Par Can is able to create millions of colors and emit a brilliant wash of light with no hot spots. Even better, LED Par Cans stay cool and use only 20-50 watts on average-stage production managers can save energy and time, as only one 20-amp circuit provides more than enough energy to run several LED Par Cans. What's more, LEDs offer a more intense light than conventional halogen Par Cans, plus they can achieve a higher resolution of pixels on a screen compared to the alternative, if being used for projection.

Replacing your outdated Stage Lighting makes sense in many ways. PA Music Centre would be happy to help assess your lighting and show you the many options available.

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